What is Professional Services Automation (PSA)?


PSA (Professional Services Automation) is designed for the needs of a professional service business. It allows service professionals to sell time and expertise in the company.

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Professional Services Automation (PSA) software offers an alternative to a number of separate functions. These include sales pipeline, sales order, product, project management, time and expense tracking, invoicing, resource planning, and business intelligence. Also, it provides a wide range of collaboration tools used by many project teams and organizations.

PSA is analogous to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, and PSA is sometimes referred to as ERP for services organizations.

PSA is designed for service companies

As it is a tool developed especially for service companies, the PSA system responds in a targeted way to the requirements of the service company. Its purpose is based on the idea that a solid, single foundation is more effective than several distinct systems.

The software is now earning wide adoption across several service and project-based industries, including these:

  • Information Technology (IT), especially IT services departments and firms
  • Marketing and Communications, by both client-facing agencies and internal departments
  • Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC)
  • Business Consulting

It assists service professionals who are working as Business and IT consultants, lawyers, professional service teams, engineers, lawyers, finance managers, marketing assistants, etc. Also, it helps people work on project and resource management for customer projects and on managing the utilization rate of billable staff.

Main functionalities of PSA

Wide scale of functionalities are needed for PSA systems. There are functions for

  • managing customers,
  • sales pipeline, sales orders,
  • projects & tasks,
  • products & services,
  • time, expense and cost,
  • resources,
  • invoicing and finance,
  • analytics to improve efficiency of overall operations.

The cloud-based PSA is particularly easy to use because it is available to users from anywhere and anytime. Though, some vendors also provide on-premises software to use in their internal system.


The benefits of using effective PSA software are numerous. Here are some of the practical advantages that the right cloud-based professional services automation software can bring to the table:

Single platform
  • You can access it anywhere at any time on a single platform.
Centralized storage of data
  • With centralized storage of data, everyone has knowledge of what’s going on in the company.
  • Addition, all departments have access to analytics for key data-insights.
  • Everybody has access to customer data to improve customer relationships. The profitability of your customer relationship can be monitored (also visually) from each sales stage.
Automate invoicing
  • You can reduce manual work steps and errors, and speeds up cash flow. As a result, customer satisfaction increases because billing works correctly and as agreed.
  • Increases billing transparency and enhance reporting.
Project management
  • It allows you to keep your projects within budget. As a result, improved on-time and under-budget project delivery rates. And above all, lower project cancellation rates.
  • It allows you to see and meet project timelines and milestones
  • You can also track how much time an employee spent on various projects and tasks for billing.
Higher utilization rates
  • Using PSA leads higher billing, higher revenue, and higher profits.
  • You can allocate resources in a way that maximizes their utilization

The right PSA system will keep you out of spreadsheets and manual processes, and make you more engaged with the data in real time to help you make decisions that drive better profitability.

Therefore, the benefits associated with PSA goes far beyond operational and support functions and has a beneficial effect on the more strategic elements of the organization.

Choosing the right services PSA

To choose the right PSA solution for your organization, you need to identify your business goals and needs. You need to know what features and capabilities will fulfill your requirements and lead you to growth.

There are lots of PSA solutions in the market to choose from. A well-designed and customized software has some critical functions, such as automated sales pipeline, order, product, project, time, expense, resource, and invoice management.

For example, PlanMill has a comprehensive solution.

Bottom line

PSA (professional services automation) is a tool developed especially for professional service companies. With this system service professionals can manage customers, projects, time and cost, finance and analytics and improve efficiency of overall operations. As a result, the value associated with PSA implementation goes far beyond operational and support functions and has a beneficial effect on the more strategic elements of the organization.

PSA explained on Wikipedia.


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