Projects and services


Create projects easily

  • Create and manage billable or non-billable projects, project groups, tasks, and assignments easily in one place.
  • Create project hierarchies to facilitate project management.
Work-Schedules by Month

View work schedules

  • View the resource situation and the assigned workload of each person or each project for a certain period of time. Find persons in the right places, with matching skills and availability.
  • Create work schedules. Divide the planned and remaining work time evenly or if needed unevenly for different time periods.
  • View absence situation and plan annual holidays and other absences.

Manage contracts efficiently

  • Follow the company’s contract management workflow from draft to the final agreement.
  • Store different types of contracts and attachments in one place. This saves time and the same information can be used in other contracts.
  • Get the available products and services information straight from the product register.