Sales and marketing

PlanMill Accounts

Manage customer contacts

  • Add contacts, accounts, companies, and key persons information to your account for marketing and sales purposes.
  • You can link contacts to actions, request and campaigns. That way you find contacts from several places. And if you wish, add each company multiple persons.
  • Update effortlessly company contacts from the Asiakastieto Oy registry (Finland only).

Register meetings, phone calls, and to-dos

  • Relate an action to contacts, requests, projects and opportunities.
  • You can transfer actions to calendar applications/tools like MS Outlook or Google Calendar with iCalendar.

Manage marketing campaigns

  • You can create marketing campaigns and send mass emails. Keep track on who has been attached to which marketing campaign and track campaign responses.
  • Keep in touch your target audiences according your sales and marketing strategy.
  • Make your campaigns visually compelling with attractive graphics and images.
PlanMill Opportunity Board

Track sales opportunities

  • Track opportunities in the system (e.g. sales agreement) from a lead to closed deal.
  • Manage leads - identified, qualified, proposed and won or lost.
  • Relate opportunities to contacts, projects, request and partners.
PlanMill Sales Order items

Send sales order confirmations

  • Send sales quotes and order confirmations from PlanMill before delivering the products and services.
  • PlanMill creates invoice rows automatically based on the order information, where it is easy to get a big picture of your sales processes.

Manage product information

  • With the help of PlanMill Price Book add-on (ERP subscribers) manage and share your product-related information.
  • Create the enterprise product model, product groups and pricebooks.
  • Take advantage of stored items when creating sales orders and contracts for pricing and other product related information.