PlanMill ERP

Improve your business

PlanMill ERP helps you to manage your company's customers, projects, time and expenses, finance, and analytics. Available add-ons enhance solution more by giving it additional features.


Streamline sales and marketing

  • Manage sales leads - identified, won or lost. Follow sales opportunities and processes from a lead to a closed deal and see revenue with a sales funnel.
  • Create and maintain marketing campaigns and send mass emails. Keep track on who has been attached to which campaign and track campaign responses.
  • Add companies, organizations, and key persons information to your account for marketing and sales purposes.

Register meetings, phone calls, and to-dos

  • Relate those actions to contacts, requests, projects and opportunities.
  • Transfer actions to calendar tools like MS Outlook or Google Calendar with iCalendar.

Track sales opportunities

  • Track sales opportunities and follow your sales processes from a lead to a closed deal.
  • Manage leads - identified, qualified, proposed and won or lost.
  • Relate those opportunities to contacts, projects, request and partners.

Send sales order confirmations

  • Send sales order confirmations before delivering the products and services.
  • PlanMill creates invoice rows automatically based on the order information.

Create projects and requests

  • Create and manage billable or non-billable projects and requests in one place.
  • Use service requests as the centralized repository of all your customers' needs and wants.
  • Monitor who is performing each project request, what status is it in and what has been discussed internally around it.
Work-Schedules by Month

Take care of your employees

  • Keep track on which user belongs to which team and assignment. Form multi-level hierarchy teams for different assignments and view who belongs to which team.
  • Determine with Capacity Calendar the length of users’ work day and week. Keep track on balance and absence days calculation and availability for resourcing in Work schedules.
  • Use Appraisals add-on to conduct and manage appraisals performance in a simply and structured process.
PlanMill Timesheet

Manage your time

  • Manage and create time reports for assignments, request and tasks. Enjoy automatic management of vacations and workflow by automating absence request and acceptance.
  • Plan and manage absences and holidays with Absence add-on.
  • Save your starting, ending and rest times of each work day. Use Time Calendar to keep track of time spent on various tasks and projects.

Manage product information

  • Manage and create product-related information, such as product model and prices.
  • Use PlanMill Price Book to combine different products with their individual prices and amounts (only for PlanMill ERP subscribers).
  • Take advantage of stored items when creating sales orders and contracts for pricing and other product related information.

Take a look of your expenses or purchases

  • View, report, and pay expenses, such as travel costs or purchases.
  • Expenses also have a workflow for acceptance and notification. Change the status of an item to accepted, paid or rejected.

Create invoices

  • Create invoices based on sales orders or project revenues. Combine those invoices across different projects. This enables you to invoice multiple customers for the same project.
  • Your billable hours will be automatically priced by the prices of sales orders. Pricing can be chosen based on task, competence or individually.
  • Send invoices and e-invoices to multiple suppliers and customers at the same time (invoicing add-ons only for PlanMill ERP subscribers).

Create reports efficiently

  • See the big picture of your company's financial and operational performance with help of indicators, dashboards, and reports.
  • If needed, you can order customized reports during the implementation phase of the system and after the implementation from PlanMill Service Desk.

Get the most with add-ons