Time and absence


Save your working times

  • Save the start, finish and rest times of each work day.
  • Choose whether you want to save working hours to normal time, overtime or travel time. You can also target hours to certain projects or tasks.
  • Save your working time to billable or non-billable hours.

Use timer to record

  • Record time with PlanMill Timer (add-on) while working on a specific task or request.
  • Timer can be paused and recording can be continued from where it was left.
  • Handy when you don’t know the task yet. Select later for which project and task the recorded time belongs to.

Manage absences and holidays

  • Plan and manage absences and holidays with Absence add-on.
  • Automate absence requests and acceptances and enjoy automatic management of vacations and workflow.
  • This add-on makes the workflow effective, removes unnecessary paperwork, and significantly reduces the hours spent by HR in solving absences.
PlanMill Timesheet

Create time reports

  • Manage and create time reports for assignments, request and tasks. It includes normal work time, overtime, and travel time.
  • Choose whether you want a daily, weekly or monthly calendar view of time reports.
  • Predefined color-coding for billable and non-billable hours enables for you to see the big picture at a glance.