Work-Schedules by Month

Keep track of users

  • View users and keep track of which user belongs to which team and assignment.
  • Link users to one or many teams and assignments.
  • Users refer to all the persons or employees in the company listed in the HR database and each user belongs to an account and all users are shown under contacts.

Form teams efficiently

  • Form teams and multi-level hierarchy teams for different assignments.
  • You can form a primary team, multiple secondary teams or multiple project teams.
  • Keep track of which team work in project service request tasks.

Plan work days

  • Determine the length of users’ work day and week, absence days and balance calculation.
  • PlanMill takes into account general public holidays and any special capacity days (such as non-work days for a part-time employee).
  • View users' availability for resourcing in work schedules.

Conduct appraisals easily

  • Conduct a performance appraisals easily in a simple and structured process with PlanMill Appraisals (add-on).
  • Manage also appraisal periods, goals and review topics.
  • Appraisals is integrated with other PlanMill HRM modules and data for operative work, management and HR processes.

Manage human resources

  • Track and save professional skills data of your employees. This help you find later on right persons in the right places, with matching skills and availability.
  • Attach one or more competences to a user and one primary competence.
  • Take advantage of stored skills when products and services are priced.