For project management

PlanMill PROJECT is perfect for project management, scheduling, time and expense, and reporting. It helps you to reduce the workload by cutting away extra activities already at planning stages.

PlanMill Accounts

Manage customer contacts

  • Manage and add contacts, companies, and key persons information to your account for marketing and sales purposes.
  • Link contacts to actions, request ja campaigns. Add each company multiple persons.
  • Update effortlessly company contacts from the Asiakastieto Oy registry (Finland only).

Register meetings, phone calls, and to-dos

  • Relate those actions to contacts, requests, projects and opportunities.
  • Transfer actions to calendar tools like MS Outlook or Google Calendar with iCalendar.
Work-Schedules by Month

Create projects easily

  • Create and manage projects in one place, whether they are billable or non-billable projects.
  • Follow the company’s contract management workflow from draft to the final agreement.
  • View the resource situation and the assigned workload of each person or each project for a certain period of time.
PlanMill Timesheet

Save time and money

  • Manage and create time reports for assignments, request and tasks. It is easy, just save your starting, ending and rest times of each work day.
  • Track time spent on various tasks and projects with Time Calendar.
  • Enjoy automatic management of vacations and workflow by automating absence request and acceptance.

Report expenses and purchases

  • Report travel costs or purchases for the company, whether they are billable or non-billable.
  • Budget and record costs.
  • Link report to a certain project and date and add and edit individual expenses.
PlanMill Opportunity Board comment

Make communication effective

  • This feature makes communication targeted and effective among team members.
  • It increases collaboration and makes workflow management easier.
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Create reports efficiently

  • Get the big picture of your company's financial and operational performance with the help of indicators, dashboards, and reports.
  • You can order customized reports during the implementation phase of the system and after the implementation from PlanMill Service Desk.