Automated billing software for services, hours, and expenses

Automate billing

With automated billing software you can streamline financial processes, reduce manual work steps, and improve profitability.

Automated billing software

Invoicing can be an error-prone and complex process for service business companies. Unreasonable time is spent preparing invoices for continuous services, billable hours and transferring billing material to a financial management.

So, how can you handle invoicing so that, for example, recurring services and time-based work would not be left accidentally uninvoiced? And, how can you make the process efficient and money transfer faster?

The answer to this is automation of sales invoices.

What is invoice automation?

When you automate billing, you can automate a wide range of financial processes. Those include automation of the sales invoicing of recurring services (SaaS), transactions, and fixed and time-based business services. Also, distribution and transfer to financial management (ledger and accounting) are easy with invoice automation.

What are the benefits of invoice automation for a company?

Automated billing software streamlines your financial processes, increases billing transparency, and enhances reporting. A good example of this is real-time order backlog reporting, either by customer or product.

All of this reduces manual work steps and errors, and speeds up cash flow. Therefore, customer satisfaction increases because billing works correctly and as agreed.

There are many invoice automation solutions on the market to choose from. A great example of an invoice automation solution is PlanMill ERP. It is cost effective and covers a wide range of financial management software such as eFina, Fortnox, NetSuite, Netvisor, Procountor and Talenom Online.

How do I get started?

1. Order:

  • the PlanMill ERP cloud service including Onboarding Pack
  • sales invoice integration and Setup Pack
  • the opening of the service (API key, etc.) from the supplier

2. Provide us all information needed to open the service.

3. We will make the necessary changes to open the service.

4. Start using.


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