PlanMill Invoice Connector for Fortnox – easier management of invoices

The PlanMill Invoice Connector for Fortnox seamlessly transfers invoices from PlanMill ERP into your Fortnox financial system.

PlanMill Invoice Connector Fortnox

This add-on solution allows you to integrate your PlanMill ERP with Fortnox and combine the best of both. PlanMill ERP offers effective cloud-based management of business processes. And Fortnox provides the cloud-based financial management software and expertise. So, if you choose PlanMill ERP paired with Fortnox then our connector will streamline your service business and give more operational control of your business.

What does it do?

PlanMill Invoice Connector for Fortnox is a comprehensive solution for professional service companies. It automatically transfers sales invoices and credit notes from PlanMill ERP into Fortnox for your accounting requirements. Therefore, it also also keeps your Fortnox customer and product registers up-to-date with any new items. This naturally saves time by eliminating manual-entry work and human errors in your financial system.

The connector is available both in Finland and Sweden.

How do I get started?

Ordering PlanMill Invoice Connector for Fortnox is easy. Here’s how. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to send us a message.

PlanMill: or Fortnox:

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Fortnox briefly

Fortnox AB offers a cloud-based platform to help small businesses and accounting firms manage their financial administration efficiently. It also gives customers access to financial services and business insurance. The platform is market-leading in Sweden. Fortnox was founded in 2001 and is based in Växjö, Sweden. The share is traded on NGM Nordic MTF.

PlanMill briefly

PlanMill Ltd. is a leading provider of user-friendly web-based CRM, PROJECT and ERP Cloud solutions designed for the service business. PlanMill enable your organization to streamline business processes, improve control of their customers, personnel, projects and finance.

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