PlanMill Debt Collection Connector – automatically transfers invoices from PlanMill to a debt collection service

The new PlanMill Collection Connector add-on automatically transfers sales invoice materials from PlanMill to Visma Financial Solutions. It handles all invoicing, including payment reminders and debt collection.

This new add-on provides an efficient option for sending company payment reminders. It also ensures professional procedures for handling overdue receivables. Thus, this add-on speeds up the circulation of sales receivables and streamlines the debt collection process. At the same time, your business will be freed from the billing-related issues such due to date control, payment reminders, and collecting receivables.

The add-on is compatible with Visma Financial Solution and LähiRahoitus.

Features and requirements

  • Automatic transferring (SFTP) of sales invoices to payment reminders and debt collection service.
  • Professional business management software: PlanMill ERP Cloud.
  • Add-on: PlanMill Debt Collection Connector and Setup pack.
  • Payment reminder and debt collection service: Visma Financial Service or LähiRahoitus.

How to start

  • Order PlanMill Debt Collection Debt Connector add-on and Setup pack.
  • Provide the necessary information regarding the opening of the service.
  • PlanMill will make necessary changes and opens the service.
  • Start using the service.

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Kaarina Koivuaho
Kaarina Koivuaho
Kaarina works as a Marketing Specialist at PlanMill.

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