Service business solution saves your time and money

service business solution

service business solution

PlanMill as a  professional service business solution is a provider of CRM, PROJECT, and ERP solutions. Here are some reasons why PlanMill will save your business time and money.

Reduced costs

This is highly attractive reason for any business owner to consider. PlanMill reduces your company’s IT costs, because your large capital investments can be minimized in favour of small monthly payments. With easy management of your processes in one system, there is no need for a large IT department to procure, install and maintain multiple systems.

Greater visibility and accessibility

With PlanMill, all of your data is compiled in one area and available for you in real-time. Thus, it advances visibility into company operations across various departments. You can access key business reports and dashboards on your desktops and mobile devices. It also helps you to get the big picture, whether you’re viewing costing amounts on a sales order, pulling up a customer record, or financial data. So, you will be able to make fast business decisions on the go without having to search through multiple data sources.


PlanMill is built to grow with you, because it’s scalable. This means that we can activate new functions within your system as your business needs them. You can start out small and expand on them as your business scales. As a result, you don’t have to make new investments or acquire additional softwares. Just let the IT department make changes to accommodate them.

Increased simplicity

PlanMill is easy to use, because it simplifies your business processes. Consisting of integrated modules, such as accounts, contacts, opportunities, sales orders, products, projects, time, expenses and invoices. It lets your company easily manage daily business in a single location. With that in mind, your employees are able to do more together, work quicker, and more efficiently. Thereby, PlanMill lets you focus on your business, not your system. And what’s better, no more issues with data spread across separate databases. All information is in a single location for your use.

Use it anywhere and anytime

You can use PlanMill from anywhere at anytime, because its cloud-based and mobile. If you have got an internet connection on your phone or desktop computer you can be at work. It is like having centralized database anywhere you work.

You can customize it with add-ons

We know that one size does not fit all. Our solutions are customizable with add-ons to ensure you get just what you need. These add-ons enhances products by giving them additional features and ability to import and export data.

Keeps your data safe and secure

Seamless system upgrades for your system are done by PlanMill, which ensures you’re using the up-to-date version of the software – including security updates. So, you don’t have to worry about wasting time maintaining the system yourself.

It increases regulatory compliance

PlanMill makes it easy to stay in compliance with industry and government regulations. It will keep track of regulations within the business and monitor changes in compliance.

Bottom line

When it comes to running a successful professional service business, time and money is of the essence. PlanMill as a Professional Services Automation (PSA) software, reduces your company’s costs and offers greater visibility into your company operations. It arms your company with time and money saving solutions, which improves your business performance and increase profitability over the long-term.

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