PlanMill BI Data Connector – make your data make an impact

PlanMill BI Data Connector

Via PlanMill BI Data Connector you can analyze your PlanMill data with Business Intelligence (BI) and visualization tools such as Google Data Studio, Power BI, Qlik & Tableau.

PlanMill BI Data Connector

The PlanMill BI Data Connector is an add-on designed to give you a more flexible and easy way to handle business data exports from your PlanMill CRM, PROJECT or ERP. It helps you connect your business data efficiently for analytics.

With it, you can self-manage predefined PlanMill datasets for recurring export needs such as analytics and reporting. The data can also be exported as raw data.

The connector is a cloud-based and comprehensive solution especially for professional service and project-centric companies that provide true end-to-end management of your whole business.


  • You can export data flexibly from the PlanMill system.
  • Custom fields/keys can be easily included in the selected data table exports.
  • Customized PlanMill datasets for BI are automatically updated (via SFTP).


  • You can push integration for external BI data tools/spreadsheets daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Customizable datasets for all PlanMill modules and reports.
  • Providing file-based (CSV) raw data export, that enables customer-specific mapping, adjustment and further analytics for the data.
  • The maximum data amount per object (data table or report) is 100 000 rows.


A summary of the key requirements as follows:

  • PlanMill: A subscription of PlanMill CRM, PROJECT or ERP and BI Data Connector.
  • Designated user account: Active ‘PlanMill BI Data Connector’ user for managing the exportable data sets.
  • Infrastructure (customer): The availability of SFTP service.

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