Time Calendar for easy time tracking

Time Calendar view

Time Calendar is a comprehensive PlanMill Time Management solution. It provides an easy and visual way to track billable and non-billable hours in a weekly or monthly calendar views. It is available to all PlanMill PROJECT and ERP customers as an add-on service.

Time Calendar view

Time tracking with our Time Calendar is even easier than before! You don’t have to fill in information for two places. You can log your hours and track time in just one place. Just drag, drop or log the time report to the right duration.

Get an instant big picture

Time Calendar has also different color codings in time, for example for non-billable and billable time, which are essential for companies on different projects. When managing projects it’s vital to know how much money and time are spend on each project. Calendar view and color coding helps you get a full view of your weekly or monthly time reports. And you never lose a minute of your billable time.

Use it anywhere and anytime

Your Time Calendar time entries are synced in real time, anywhere and anytime. It’s flexible and scalable, so you can use it from mobile devices to desktop computer. Hit the button on your phone and it automatically updates to your other devices.

Key features as follows:

  • Track the time spent on various tasks and projects
  • Predefined color-coding for billable and non-billable hours and absences
  • View your absences, locked time entries and balance leave/flex time
  • Track preliminary time entries
  • Support for roundings
  • Calendar views in daily, weekly and monthly modes
  • Support for multiple devices such as PC, Mac, tablet and smartphone

Key benefits as follows:

  • Easy time tracking in one place
  • Simplicity, calendar view and color coding helps you to get an instant overview
  • Usable any device, anywhere and anytime via browser
  • Its fully integrated to PlanMill PROJECT and ERP solutions

More information is available in our Help.


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