Reasons to invest in Sales Force Automation (SFA)

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Sales Force Automation (SFA) software can help businesses make more revenue with less work. By streamlining the sales processes, it allows company owners to focus on growing their business.

Sales Force Automation SFA

SFA for getting an edge above the competitors

Today’s competitive business world, sales function of any company is one of the most important business functions. Many companies combat fragmented and frequently growing customer base, increased competition, longer sales cycles and expanding sales force. Therefore, every company must seek to optimize its sales functions and ensure that adequate tools are available for salespeople.

This is where Sales Force Automation (SFA) comes in. It’s designed to reduce time-consuming tasks that your sales reps and managers do on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. It manages leads and tracks opportunities through the sales pipeline. All in all, SFA records all the stages in a sales process. As a result, your salespeople can focus on those prospects most likely to make a purchase.

There are many SFA solutions available, ranging from software as a service (SaaS) to in-house systems, from complex solutions to out-of-the box applications. So, it’s important to find the right software solution for your business. We recommend you choose a SaaS system, like PlanMill. It is a system that you can use anywhere at any time on laptops and smartphones.

Increases revenue and saves time

SFA will save a lot of time. It helps your salespeople quickly find important information, execute follow-ups, update sale opportunities and generate estimates. This means they can speedily turn estimates into proposals, quotes and then orders. All in all, SFA makes sales cycle shorter and faster and therefore generates more revenues for the company.

Effective sales team management

Keeping track of the field sales staff and checking on their activities can be a nightmare of sorts for executives at all levels. SFA provides a holistic view of each salespersons and teams activity, complaints, and other metrics. Therefore, with close supervision of the efficiency and performances of the sale staff, your executives can distribute work and leads evenly.  And what’s best, they can motivate and improve performance of everyone in the team.

Driving leads and managing opportunities

A good SFA allows sales professionals to effectively manage and track opportunities in the sales funnel. The system can help you pull in data from various sources, such as email campaigns, online request and website visits. This data is converted into meaningful information to track potential customers and develop a good foundation for the first call to fresh leads.

Insights through analytics

Insights given to your executives through the SFA analytics equip them to plan targeted efforts to entice potential customers. Your sales professionals can approach those customers with offers of the most relevant products and services based on the customers purchase history. Therefore, SFA can also effectively predict future sales.


SFA streamlines the job of sales professional’s by making the sales cycle shorter and faster. With the increased efficiency in conversions and closing deals, and the reducing effort on time-consuming tasks, the advantages of SFA compel businesses of all sizes to invest in such software in order to increase the efficiency and productivity of their sales staff.

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