Digitalize your absence management with PlanMill Absence

With PlanMill Absence, you can effectively digitalize and manage your company’s annual holidays and absences. Thus, it helps you eliminate unnecessary paperwork and reduce hours spent on managing absences.

What is PlanMill Absence?

PlanMill Absence is an automated, browser-based, and easy to use solution that helps your company keep track of absences and employees holidays. It collects all your scattered absence information in one place.

The team calendar lets you see all the absences at once. You’ll have a clear overview of all absences in your team at all times, and your employees will know when their colleagues are out of office.

With this solution, you can easily manage a different kind of absences in real time. These can be an annual holiday, balance leave, sickness, maternity, paternity, and care leave, paid and unpaid leave.

No more bulky application forms or complicated approval processes, our solution will save your time and eliminate any possibility for misunderstandings. It also ensures you that manual processing steps and errors are left out. Thus, it increases the transparency of the process.

Who uses it?

All employees and line of business and human resources managers can be users who report and manage annual vacation and absence information.

How does it work?

The PlanMill Absence is easy to use. It ensures that all necessary steps in a workflow are completed correctly from the absence request creation, through the approval process, and finally the completion of the leave. It also provides you reminders if any steps are left undone.

Your employees will see the remaining holidays and an overview of all absences in your team. This benefits them, as employees do not have to count how many days they have left. Therefore, the planning of absences becomes easier.

Notice of absence will immediately be displayed and accepted (or rejected) by the supervisor. As all phases of this service are automated and real-time, the decision-making process becomes lighter and faster. This means more time for managers to develop their business.

For administrative, HR and resource management uses, PlanMill Absence provides valuable data for internal and external reporting such as occupational health and the social insurance institution. This information can have a significant impact on your business.

Learn more about PlanMill Absence from the Help page.

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