How to motivate your employees to track time

How to motivate your employees to track time

Motivating employees to track time is the one of the biggest challenges faced by organizations when implementing time tracking systems for the first time.

How to motivate your employees to track time

Convincing your employees to use time tracking software is not an easy task. As a general rule, people don’t enjoy filling in their timesheet. Some employees may recognize the benefits of tracking time. But for others learning new software may seem too much hassle, lost time, and micromanaging. And no one wants to feel like they’re constantly being watched and evaluated.

Nevertheless, time is a business metric as important as any other and it can have a major impact on your business. It helps you weigh where your employees’ time is going, how efficiently you’re running your business and which habits could best increase efficiency. But, getting your team to see time tracking as a productive activity rather than chore can be difficult.

So, how to motivate employees to track time?

1. Choose the right software

This is essential. Make sure that the time tracking tool you pick is ideal for your industry and can easily integrate with add-ons and other project management tools. It is important that is simple enough, quick to use, and it doesn’t require constant attention. One such software is PlanMill. It is a online software solution that provides an easy and visual way to track time anywhere at anytime.

2. Make it easy

The best way to motivate your employees to track time is by making it as easy and painless as possible. In other words, help every everybody with basic set-up and offer support if needed. Make sure they have clear guidelines, and explain what is the proper way to track their time. The fewer obstacles there are between user and the system the more likely your employees are to adopt a time tracking solution successfully.

3. Explain the benefits

Make sure your employees understand how beneficial it is for both company and employee to consistently track their time. You need to explain to them that time tracking helps them to be better at their job and it can boost their career in the following ways:

  • Become better estimators based on similar tasks in past.
  • Know when to delegate when their plate is full.
  • Know when to hire another person when project is too big.
  • Move away from multi-tasking and focus on the task at hand.
  • Keep their schedule up-to-date and follow it efficiently.
  • See where they are spending time and money.
  • Create a record so they can review their work regularly.
  • Give them freedom to control their own time – no need to micromanage.
  • Give accurate insight into how long projects take.
  • Collaborative effort makes them work together more efficiently

4. Practice discipline

There will be times where people start to slip and get lazy or busy, and just forget to fill out their time on schedule. Adding time at the end of everyday or at least as often when a task is ready ensures that your employees do not forget. Being disciplined with time entry, your team members become more efficient.

Tell us your opinion. What is best way to motivate employees to track time?

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