18 tips to stay healthy at work

stay healthy at work

If you’re an office worker or anyone who sits at a computer for long stretches of time, read this article.

Have you ever stopped to think about how your work time habits could be affecting your health? While your professional responsibilities may limit your options and place certain demands on your time, it’s not too hard to incorporate healthy habits into the workday.

Here are 18 tips to stay healthy at work.

1. Drink plenty of water. Staying well-hydrated is crucial to your productivity, energy levels and overall health. Water helps you to stay alert and refreshed. Always keep a large water bottle at your desk that you can refill throughout the day.

2. Ditch sugary snacks. They are everywhere in offices! They are so tasty, but also unhealthy. Sugar is an immune suppressor, so you are more likely to get sick when you partake in too many sweets. Bring your own snacks like nuts, seeds and fruits to keep hunger away.

3. Limit caffeine. Yes, you love our coffee. It can induce a temporary high, but it can cause you to crash later on. This can affect your energy, concentration and overall productivity. Caffeine can also  interfere your sleeping and losing sleep will sabotage your health! Try to curb your caffeine consumption to one cup of coffee every morning.

4. Eat well-balanced lunch. What you eat and drink affects not just your health but your work performance too. Make sure your lunches include some lean protein, salad or fresh veggies and fresh fruit for lasting energy with no afternoon slump.

5. Take exercise breaks. Sitting all day is not only unhealthy for you, but it can cause pain in back, shoulders, hips and neck. Get up and move every hour and walk around. Stretch and maybe do some squats. These types of exercises not only will burn calories but also de-stress you and clear your mind.

6. Work ergonomically. Your chair height, posture, and placement of your equipment all play a part in reducing strain on your body during the workday. Optimize your workspace so you are comfortable moving and using your computer, keyboard, mouse, and other equipment all throughout the day. Consider standing desk.

7. Prevent eye strain. If you stare computer for hours it can cause eye strain and headaches. Take a break every 15 minutes by briefly looking away from the screen. Look something around the room or out the window for minute or two and let your eyes relax.

8. Keep it clean. Do you know that keyboard, mouse and phone desk harbors hundreds of times more bacteria than a toilet seat? If you want to stay healthy, keep your work area neat and tidy. Tidy up at end of the each day for five minutes.

9. Wash your hands often. This is number one way you can prevent yourself from getting sick. There is no such thing as washing your hands too often! You should wash your hands for at least before you eat and after using restroom. And please, avoid touching your nose, mouth and eyes. Germs spread that way.

10. Learn to manage stress. Most of us lead fast-paced lives that can get to us from time to time.To beat stress do enjoyable things, spend time with family and friends, go to spa, read books or go to the gym. Try meditation. The idea is to relax and get your mind off work.

11. Get enough sleep. Waking up refreshed and strong in the morning increases your productivity at work and overall health.It also will help prevent binging and caffeine craving later in the day.

12. Take a vacation. It is physically and mentally important for you to unwind, de-stress and spend time with your loved ones. Vacation will help you to recharge batteries and get mind off work.

13. Be social. Humans are social for a reason. Go and hang with your colleagues for few minutes. Social interactions have been shown to reduce stress and promote happiness. That is a good thing, especially at work.

14. Avoid mingling with sick employees. Avoid close contact with employees, who may be sick or show symptoms of communicable disease. Wash your hands and especially if you’ve been around their workstation.

15. Create a pleasant working environment. Keep beautiful objects in sight, like plants or photos. They have way of relaxing frayed nerves. Get a habit of keeping your desk clean and tidy. Sitting next to window can make you feel better, which may enhance your productivity. Find your own ways to make your work environment inspiring and inviting.

16. Enjoy your work. The amount you enjoy the work you are doing will directly influence your health. Try to enjoy each day you are at work. If there are some difficulties, see if you can make any changes.There is usually something that can be done to make things better.

17. Keep a good work-life balance. Keeping a good balance between your work and home life will help you to stay healthy. Practice setting boundaries around your time. Make your life outside work enticing and so fun that you enjoy being away from work and able to switch off.

18. Try to be as active as possible outside of work. Get plenty of exercise, which helps you both physically and mentally, both at work and at home. Join the gym, go for walk. Spend time in nature. Find your own ways to exercise.

We would be happy to know if you have any other ideas how stay healthy at work.


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