Meet our people – this is Tinbit

Tinbit works as a Software engineer at PlanMill. She is an Ethiopian-born and was educated at Vaasa University of Applied Sciences (Bachelor of Engineering).


What are you working at now, Tinbit?

Currently, I‘m working on RESTful APIs improving testing and writing documentation. This position requires a problem solving mindset and a good understanding of API design. I have also worked in customer projects, product development and deployment.

In product development side, I have worked on multiple different React apps, such as our Board, Time Calendar and Import apps. Hence, I would describe my role in the company as a full stack developer.

How is it to work at PlanMill?

It is great to be part of a team with qualified colleagues and working on exciting tasks. This gives me the opportunity to understand all angles of the project and enhance my skills more. I like to work with many interesting projects and products and choose the tools and technologies to work with. Therefore, I never get bored! Last but not least, PlanMill understands the importance of a family and a healthy work-life balance.

What do you do in your free time?

I love spending quality time with my a year and half old son Elon and beloved husband. Usually we do all kinds of family fun and educational activities. Mostly, I do what my baby loves to do. This means, we play a game, go for a walk, sing, dance, etc. However, when it’s my time, I like shopping and chatting with my mother, sister, and a brother on the phone. I believe spending time with my loved ones is the best investment I can ever make.


PlanMill Oy

PlanMill Oy in Finland produces user-friendly browser-based service business software solutions based on cloud and On-Premise. PlanMill’s CRM, PROJECT, and ERP solutions help you improve your overall customer, project, time, HR, and financial management, and improve customer productivity and profitability.

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