Meet our people – this is Christer

Meet our people - This is Christer

Christer works as a senior consultant and account manager at PlanMill. He is a Finnish-born and was educated at Aalto University (M.Sc.Eng.).

What are you working at now, Christer?

Several of my accounts have restructuring processes going on and I’m involved with accommodating PlanMill ERP to meet altered business needs in an optimum way. This involves often new system integrations and also an increased level of automation of processes like sales invoicing. I’m also involved in a few proposals for new ways of utilizing the PlanMill platform to streamline certain business processes.

How is it to work at PlanMill?

We have an open culture to share ideas and collaborate. I enjoy working with skilled colleagues. To have a strong customer focus that keeps our spirits high, we are actually helping our customers to be successful. As one of the founders and with a 30-year experience in delivering software solutions for businesses, I’m very happy that we can today provide both good customer service and technology that is attractive and efficient.

What do you do in your free time?

I enjoy the game of golf and was happy to score a hole-in-one this year after 20 years at the sport. Also like hands-on tinkering in some house renovation and enhancement projects.

To keep my heart pumping, I like road biking with any of my three racing bicycles. In wintertime, I feel for skate skiing when snow conditions allow.


PlanMill Oy

PlanMill Oy in Finland produces user-friendly browser-based service business software solutions based on cloud and On-Premise. PlanMill’s CRM, PROJECT, and ERP solutions help you improve your overall customer, project, time, HR, and financial management, and improve customer productivity and profitability.

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