Meet our employees – this is Antero

PlanMill employee Antero

Antero works as a web developer at PlanMill. He is a Finnish-born and was educated at Metropolia AMK  – Bachelor of Engineering (Software engineer).

What are you working at now?

I have worked in PlanMill for more than 4 years now. During that time have had many different roles and responsibilities. I have worked in service desk, customer projects, product development, maintenance and deployment. Because of my history in the company, I have been able to develop my skills in every layer of web development. Therefore I have get to know the system very well. Hence, I would describe my roles in the company nowadays as being a sort of a system specialist and a full stack developer.

In product development side, I mainly work on New UI features and improvements. Right now on the table are couple of improvements related to new notifications stream feature.

How is it to work at PlanMill?

The thing I like the most about working in this company is the people. We are a small company and have a great team spirit between everyone; bosses, consultants and developers. Also in a small company you really feel that your work matters and everyone is invited to be part of shaping the future of the company whether it’s about product development, system architecture, development workflow, etc.

What do you do in your free time?

First of all I breath music whether it’s listening and discovering new music, learning to play an instrument or creating my own compositions. Some of my other free time activities include developing my first own mobile game and numerous other (sometimes wild) software project ideas, wall climbing (bouldering) and even some volunteer work. But as crazy as it might sound the most favorite thing for me is probably driving a car. I really love to drive my car, listen to music and meditate while watching beautiful multi-seasonal Finnish landscapes! 🙂

PlanMill Oy

PlanMill Oy in Finland produces user-friendly browser-based service business software solutions based on cloud and On-Premise. PlanMill’s CRM, PROJECT, and ERP solutions help you improve your overall customer, project, time, HR, and financial management, and improve customer productivity and profitability.

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