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Buorre asiakastarina

Buorre asiakastarina

Buorre: “An enterprise resource planning system like PlanMill is absolutely mandatory in terms of company growth and success”

PlanMill is Lemonsoft’s service business management solution. Buorre has been using PlanMill for two years. Buorre monitors new sales with another system, but when the customer relationship begins, the operation moves to PlanMill’s system. A sales order is created in PlanMill, which goes through the system first as a project, then as tasks for the staff, and from there to invoicing.

According to project manager Juha Valkama, the enterprise resource planning system is an important part of the company’s operations, especially from the point of view of project management and monitoring. Work hours are recorded under certain projects, which makes it easier to make cost estimates, for example. Unnecessary manual work steps are eliminated when invoices are generated automatically based on completed projects. The system is also important for monitoring the economy.

— You could do these things with Excel alone, but that would take too much time. In addition, there would be a margin of error. In terms of company growth, a system like this is downright mandatory. If there are more than one person working in the company, then they are already ready system like this.

Domestic and reliable PlanMill is an important tool for personnel

Valkama has been actively involved in the deployment of PlanMill in Buorre. Even though getting oriented to the system has not been a completely smooth road, PlanMill has nevertheless proven to be a working solution.

— When PlanMill is used in right way, it works as designed. The system works technically well. There have been very few outages and they have been very short. The personnel will quickly start asking about the system if it is down. It is such an important tool.

According to Valkama, the good thing about PlanMill is its Finnishness – using domestic software brings work to Finland and makes business easier.

— It’s good to be able to contact the service provider by phone and to be able to talk in your native language.

Buorre is a creative digital agency from Vaasa that designs and build digital experiences that help the client’s business to grow. Buorre offers its customers, for example, services related to the planning and implementation of online services, content and growth marketing, and marketing and sales automation. In 2021, Buorre’s turnover was 1.8 million. €. The company employs 25 people.

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