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Meet our people – This is Peter

Peter works as a Software Engineer at PlanMill. He is a Nigerian-born and was educated at Savonia University of Applied Sciences (2012). What are you working at now? I’m currently developing the next generation Task management platform. This will help customers manage their tasks in a simple and easy way with less hassle. I’m also […]

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Non-technical explanation of an API

It’s all about connection. Most of us carry phones and other small computers in our pockets that are connected to networks that give us unprecedented access to our friends and colleagues. By now, we are so used to the instant connectivity that puts the world at our fingertips. We can purchase, post, pin and pick […]

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What is a user story?

User stories are part of an agile technique that helps shift the focus from writing about requirements to talking about them. Usually user stories include a written sentence or two. Who, what, why? User stories usually answer the questions of who and what and why. It should be written by the business in the language […]

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8 tips for quickly bouncing back after vacation

Ah, vacation. You just got back from a week of complete relaxation, when the only thing on your to-do list was to not do a thing. But now you’re back to reality and you have million tasks to do. You are struggling to remember the password to turn on the computer, trudge through your inbox […]

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Meet our people – This is Heikki

Heikki works as a Customer Success Manager at PlanMill. He is a Finnish-born and was educated at Helsinki School of Economics (M.Sc. in Economics & Business Administration). What are you working at now? I have soon worked at PlanMill for a year as a consultant / CSM with the responsibility for selected customer accounts. We […]

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5 reasons why your business should be in the cloud

There is no doubt that businesses can reap huge benefits from cloud computing. Businesses are embracing the use of cloud computing at unstoppable rates, and the technology has risen as a new paradigm that has allowed technology companies to offer services to businesses and organizations through the cloud. The main idea behind the cloud is […]

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