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7 Benefits of Time Tracking

For many businesses, large and small, the most difficult thing to do is keep track of employee time. When every minute has real value, tracking employee hours can have a major impact on your business. Time tracking softwares are well worth the money because they can track all team activity. Business owners who use this […]

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10 Reasons to fall in love with PlanMill

Here are a some reasons you just might fall in love with PlanMill: 1. It streamlines your business processes PlanMill brings together all your customer information in a single, integrated platform that enables you to build a business from marketing right through to sales, invoicing and business analysis. PlanMill lets you focus on your business, […]

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8 tell tale signs of burnout

Even the best jobs can lead to burnout. The harder you work and the more motivated you are to succeed, the easier it is to get in over your head. The problem with burnout though, is that it sneaks up on you. It’s easy to ignore the early warning signs, because it’s a gradual process. The […]

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Meet our people – This is Christer

Christer works as a senior consultant and account manager at PlanMill. He is a Finnish-born and was educated at Aalto University (M.Sc.Eng.) What are you working at now? Several of my accounts have restructuring processes going on and I’m involved with accommodating PlanMill ERP to meet altered business needs in an optimum way. This involves […]

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Meet our people – This is Peter

Peter works as a Software Engineer at PlanMill. He is a Nigerian-born and was educated at Savonia University of Applied Sciences (2012). What are you working at now? I’m currently developing the next generation Task management platform. This will help customers manage their tasks in a simple and easy way with less hassle. I’m also […]

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Non-technical explanation of an API

It’s all about connection. Most of us carry phones and other small computers in our pockets that are connected to networks that give us unprecedented access to our friends and colleagues. By now, we are so used to the instant connectivity that puts the world at our fingertips. We can purchase, post, pin and pick […]

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