Sneak Peak at PlanMill CRM

Highlights of 2012-2014 PlanMill CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Sneak Peak at PlanMill CRM

“Personalizing your PlanMill experience has always been important for us,” Thomas Hood, CEO presented new features of PlanMill CRM in the 2-hour workshop last March 21.

Highlights of 2012-2014 product releases

Over 10 customer and partner companies attended the event showcasing milestones for PlanMill CRM in 2013, highlighting the upcoming technological innovations in the next few years and future needs related to advanced CRM functions.

Mobile, Asiakastieto Connector, Opportunity items, and Sales order enhancements are significant features for PlanMill CRM during 2012-2014 product releases.

Meanwhile, reseller partners can use PlanMill, too. Customers can log in to PlanMill as an extranet user. Select your charts and lists and choose your reports to appear in your daily interactions with PlanMill.

With Sales, Documents and Invoices, users can get PDF contracts, quotes and orders from PlanMill directly. Moreover, they can handle languages, currencies and country specific issues that other CRMs or ERPs can’t yet fulfill with their systems.

Leads, Social Channels, and Collaboration

“We want to talk and engage constantly with customers and partners, and learn about their experience and future goals.” Marjukka Niinioja, Senior Consultant said.

Social Media connects easily to PlanMill. You can get Uservoice, Twitter, Facebook and other social media messages alerts to PlanMill as part of its timely integration with Social Media Channels. In real life, you can see your Twitter feed in PlanMill and even tweet back without leaving the PlanMill UI.

A smart use of Leads and Emails means you can import leads to PlanMill from files, send email campaigns from PlanMill, and get your website form data to PlanMill automatically.

“A warm thank you to all the participants,” Hood thanked 12 top-level executives from leading Finland-based companies at the PlanMill CRM event, to be held annually starting this year.