We Shape Your Cloud

All customers are unique – and so are some of their PlanMill instances:

Whether it’s your user interface with company colours or terminology, customized form fields, reports, or integrations – we customize it for you.

Lots of things are “piece of cake” for us.  Like adjusting user roles, “flagging” form fields with default values, or even adding a custom field. Complex custom reports or KPIs with intricate formula require some coding and usually go through our delivery process in 3-10 days or 4-20 work hours. You can help us by providing the user story: who, what and why is the change or customization needed?

Let’s put our heads together and invent something totally new. Go “Dutch” (50/50) with us. Co-create a major improvement or  100% new integration to PlanMill according to your business needs. We´ll share the cost with you and add it as default feature with long term product support included  — no customizations needed.

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We Shape Your Cloud