Sales, project and time data PlanMill REST API 1.5

Sales, project and time data PlanMill REST API 1.5

Updated Sept 16th, 2015

We´ve released the next generation REST API 1.5 which uses the JSON -format. During summer 2015 we have added more endpoints and now you can access most of the sales, project management and time related data and functionality through the 1.5 API.

We will add invoicing end-points and some more human resource related enpoints during the end of 2015. Through the API you will also have access to our Kanban Board and Integrations API, the user interfaces for these are currently under work and coming out during Q4/2015. We aim to discontinue API 1.0 by 03/2016

Read more about our journey of APIfying our ERP from a great case study by NordicAPIs  Bill Doerfeld

How to get started with API 1.5?

Read the API documentation of everything that is currently in production here (this link will also work with the url of your own PlanMill instance instead of “pmtrial”):

If you are completely newby in using any version of PlanMill API, you need to contact us to obtain the API keyNote: If you have been using PlanMill API 1.0 already, you will not need to contact us to register for API keys, you can generate them yourself following the instructions in the documentation about “Authentication example”.



PlanMill REST API 1.5 is not a public API but intended for our customers and partners, so you have to be a PlanMill subscriber or have access to your customer’s / partner’s PlanMill to be able to use the API.

API 1.5 is open for usage free of charge for any subscribed user account, but we are going to introduce a some rate limits for heavy usage during 2016. Development and small daily integration usage is going to remain free of charge (i.e. included in the user subscription).

Developing with our new API 1.5?

We value your feedback, please contact us.

Why change something that works?

Compared to the previous API published in 2009 the new API 1.5 provides much more adaptable and clear user experience and safer and more standardized HMAC -based authentication.

We started development of the new API generation according to the industry best practices because of experiences and feedback from our own development but most importantly from customer and partner feedback.  We have been very active in sourcing experience from other API providers as well as sharing our experiences, with Nordic APIs and APISuomi communities.

You can get your self “APIfied” by reading the wise words and experiences of a lot of API gurus and API providers including us in this excellent eBook on Public, Private and Partner APIs: