PlanMill Invoice Connector for Netvisor

Manage end-to-end business transactions in real-time

PlanMill Invoice Connector for Netvisor
This scalable and affordable solution is uniquely designed for service business and SMEs.

Using this new financial connector, all customer information, account receivables, and general ledger-related information created in PlanMill is automatically available in Netvisor financial system.

PlanMill Ltd. has jointly launched with Netvisor Ltd. the new PlanMill Invoice Connector for Netvisor — a versatile solution that combines Netvisor’s real-time web-based financial system with the PlanMill service business management.

This solution was developed out of the need to have a scalable and affordable service, designed specifically for firms and the special needs of SMEs (small and mid-sized enterprises). The new seamless PlanMill add-on has received positive reviews from successful services business that already enjoy the service; including Ambientia, Arcusys, Greenstep and HIQ Finland. Netvisor is best known for unique financial management solutions for SMEs and leads in providing application services for finance professionals.

Fast and systematic service delivery

PlanMill Invoice Connector for Netvisor provides organizations greater speed, accuracy, and convenience in their business processes. Products and sales invoices are automatically moved to the Netvisor system without further manual inputs. The Netvisor Web Service can be deployed rapidly and cost effectively — PlanMill Cloud customers can avail of the service on a setup fee and monthly subscription.

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