PlanMill BI Data Connector – make your data make an impact

Analyze your PlanMill data with Business Intelligence (BI) and visualization tools such as Google Data Studio, Power BI, Qlik & Tableau.

PlanMill BI Data Connector

The PlanMill BI Data Connector is an add-on designed to give you a more flexible way to handle business data exports from your PlanMill CRM, PROJECT or ERP. It helps you connect your business data efficiently for analytics.

With it, you can self-manage predefined PlanMill datasets for recurring export needs such as analytics and reporting. The data can also be exported as raw data.

The connector is a cloud-based and comprehensive solution especially for professional service and project-centric companies that provide true end-to-end management of your whole business.


  • You can export data flexibly from the PlanMill system.
  • Custom fields/keys can be easily included in the selected data table exports.
  • Customized PlanMill datasets for BI are automatically updated (via SFTP).


  • You can push integration for external BI data tools/spreadsheets daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Customizable datasets for all PlanMill modules and reports.
  • Providing file-based (CSV) raw data export, that enables customer-specific mapping, adjustment and further analytics for the data.
  • The maximum data amount per object (data table or report) is 10 000 rows.


A summary of the key requirements as follows:

  • PlanMill: A subscription of PlanMill CRM, PROJECT or ERP and BI Data Connector.
  • Designated user account: Active ‘PlanMill BI Data Connector’ user for managing the exportable data sets.
  • Infrastructure (Customer): The availability of SMTP service.

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