Open API energizes our Cloud ecosystem

Company cases from award-winning companies were presented

Open API energizes our Cloud ecosystem
“The event is a prelude for PlanMill to developing the Open API 2.0.” noted PlanMill´s Marjukka Niinioja

The PlanMill Open API seminar was held in Helsinki on February 7, 2014. The workshop and dinner get-together was participated by leading Finland-based companies who have used the PlanMill Open API to develop exciting new things like mobile apps and others.

The event was attended by PlanMill power users and executives, with a pair work consisting of code gurus and technology managers to get both business and tech perspectives  from our customer companies using API,” said Marjukka Niinioja, Senior Consultant & Manager who led the program.

We aim  to make it easier for PlanMill users to use the API and create a possible new architecture,” said Pasi Härme from Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences.

Priority user stories for PlanMill features were identified during the event; including Capacity and Balance Calculation, Absences, Time reports, Resource forecasting and reporting, and Tasks.

Company cases from Ambientia by Henri Sora and Futurice by Mats Malmsten were presented. “Ambientia will share commercially the results of the JIRA – PlanMill API integration with our customers – further discussions to follow,” Niinioja said.

Key features and main benefits

The goals of PlanMill API currently include the following:

  • Acquire customers via network effects, and address larger businesses
  • Open reliable API on with which to grow your business Expert talented team and support
  • Smiling mutual customers that don’t churn
  • No fees and strong SaaS network
  • 10 and growing network of SaaS partners added PlanMill’s wall of innovation

Participants were satisfied. “Thanks to PlanMill API 2.0 seminar; it is noted that the integrations are a big role in SaaS, ” said Fredrik Löfber, CEO of Integround.

What is PlanMill Open API?

PlanMill Open API (application programming interface) is a commercial add-on related to PlanMill CRM, PROJECT, and ERP. Open API enables information exchange between various business applications and PlanMill. The interface is published with some restrictions on other parties interested in developing PlanMill-compatible interfaces.

Customers who wish to use the interface coordinate dynamically with PlanMill for consulting services. Application Developers are offered an up-to-date documentation of the information content (modules, fields, lists of values).

Where do I find Open API documentation: (Replace the “pmtrial” with your company’s PlanMill -instance name, usually company name. Requires signing in.)