Meet our people – This is Heikki

Meet our people - This is Heikki

Heikki works as a Customer Success Manager at PlanMill. He is a Finnish-born and was educated at Helsinki School of Economics (M.Sc. in Economics & Business Administration).

What are you working at now?

I have soon worked at PlanMill for a year as a consultant / CSM with the responsibility for selected customer accounts. We have a team of consultants with appointed PlanMill customers, also sharing and supporting the service desk functions.

Currently we have a few bigger development projects about to start with a couple of key customers. The focus in our team is finding specific custom enhancements and solutions to best serve the customers’ business needs. This custom development is often the solution when the out-of-the-box functionality falls short in best serving the customer.

How is it to work at PlanMill?

What I have most enjoyed in our work environment is the staff and the non-hierarchical vibe and approach to the everyday work. Although we all have our responsibilities and roles, there’s a culture of shared responsibility as well. For example, it can be the tidiness of the office kitchen or the issues related to release management schedule; everyone has the possibility to be heard, and vice versa takes care of their duties, if there is such.

What do you do in your free time?

For the past months I’ve been somewhat busy with house renovation related activities. We recently moved to a 20-year-old house with all kinds of signs of age and small fixing needs. And of course we wanted to make the home look like ours, so there is plenty to do.

Other spare time problems are solved by our children, so I rarely have moments to really fill with my own activities. But when I do, I can truly enjoy for example the hour spent alone on my bicycle just listening to the sound of the wind. When the weather allows, I do enjoy outdoor activities a lot, and in the summer you can occasionally find me on a streetball court, enjoying outdoors basketball.

The “true” free time for me often starts only after the kids bedtime, when it’s finally the time to calm down after a day. This time “alone” I might just fill with an episode of “Luther” or “Better Call Saul”.