Fondia – legal firm and PlanMill customer – is nominated “Great Place to Work” in 2012

The award-winning company thrives on efficiency, developing their tools with service providers such as PlanMill.

Fondia – legal firm and PlanMill customer – is nominated “Great Place to Work” in 2012
How can a company from a traditional industry become an innovative service provider?

Fondia practices business law with an innovative hands-on approach

Finland-based Fondia, which offers business and corporate law services for B2B, B2C, and Knowledge Intensive Business Services (KIBS) companies was nominated as the 3rd best in Great Place to Work on February 3, 2012. This is the third year in a row they are ranked amongst the top 10 companies nationwide.

“Being the best place to work in juridical branch is an essential part of Fondia’s strategy,” HR Head Paula Stelander said. As a 10-year veteran in HR management, she gave insights on how Fondia has been consistently cited as one of the best workplaces in Finland. “We create a place for people to share information and knowledge, thus we gain more work-life balance.”

Founded in 2004, Fondia provides legal services, business transaction jurisprudence and electronic tools according to customers needs. Stelander attributed the company’s success to people, process, and tools. With a small administrative team, Fondia maintains an efficient process. Customers benefit from the know-how of Fondia’s more than 80 legal counsels, who can customize their services according to client needs.

In 2010, Fondia started using PlanMill ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). As a 100% web-based service,  PlanMill ERP Cloud answers their portfolio and project management needs — with versatile features such as work schedules, tasks and assignments, actions, service requests, expense, time and absence tracking, and vacation planning.

Sales and business development managers for example use real-time KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), finance and billing, as well as sales invoice and accounting solutions.

Career discussions and absences are managed with PlanMill HR tools

From project management, sales orders, and invoicing, PlanMill supports Fondia’s services with dynamic and flexible solutions for customer relationship and human resources (HR) management.

Knowledge sharing is appreciated and customers noticed it. Letter templates are shared and files are easily accessible online. Fondia’s administrative and HR department cooperates with PlanMill on Deployment. They recently sponsored the development of PlanMill modules related to HR operations.

Hierarchy is kept to a minimum. Everyone can contribute to the development of the company — this is evident in Fondia processes, Stelander explained.

Fondians use PlanMill Absence to automate request and acceptance of absences, plan for future absences, and generate work schedules and time reports automatically. They monitor their balance situation in real-time while reporting their daily hours. “PlanMill Absence has been a good tool for us,” Stelander said.

“Thanks to our time bank system, employees are able to convert extra working hours into days off throughout the year. We also provide the opportunity to do part-time or remote work. At Fondia, work is organized in a way to ensure that there is room for family life and hobbies as well. Our aim is to provide a good workplace in all phases of life,” revealed Stelander.

The online tools, accessible with PlanMill Touch, automatically calculates absences, import and export data, and enables annual holiday calculation (Finnish annual holiday law by default). “People take time when they put their work hours in time sheets, being in the legal industry, lawyers are meticulous,” she noted. “Effective management of vacations eliminate expensive and needless paperwork that lawyers are already swarmed on a daily basis.”

Meanwhile, PlanMill Appraisals for Career Discussion allows Fondia HR to focus on performance evaluation each year, getting rid of Excel sheets to store employee information. When previously personnel and organizational information were placed in different systems, Fondians now use this PlanMill add-on for operative work, management, and HR processes.

Customer referrals matter

The Fondia Legal Department service has been readily welcomed in companies that do not have an in-house lawyer. Record shows no less than 97% of Fondia’s legal department clients recommend their services to friends. After seven years of rapid domestic growth, Fondia expands its operations to Sweden in 2012.

As a pioneer, the firm challenges traditional methods in creating a new marketplace within the industry. The accolade “Great Place to Work” is a coveted prize amongst the top 30 companies in the competition’s general series (50 to 500 employees) – Fondia is the only company that qualified from the legal sector, Stelander concluded.

“It takes lots of courage to do things differently,” said Stelander. In rewriting the legal industry and working as an innovative company, Fondia aims to be a fusion of dynamic people, traditional customer service, and modern technology.