People & Projects

When you are in professional services business, your most important assets are your employees and you need to manage their work – in projects or otherwise.

Who, what, when? Set people goals for projects, requests, and tasks and book resources. Follow up schedules, costs, revenues and resources precisely.

Don't overbook your key talents and resources. Find persons in the right places, with matching skills and availability. Define the capacity of persons by the type of employment contract, country and so on.

Invest in competencies. Identify vital skills for your core business. Ask employees and managers to appraise them. Use your competence data for pricing, resourcing and improving personnel skills.

Performance appraisals coming? Use our PlanMill Appraisals add on for setting the goals for the organisation, teams, and individuals. Monitor progress in your own system. Evaluate the results of the last period with your employees.

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