Which is the right product for us?

PlanMill ERP

All-in-one solution for professional service business

Our ERP is specially built to focus on professional services (either hourly-rated or fixed-price services).

  • “Flagship” product, which is used by most of our customers in SME sector.
  • Includes all available modules of PlanMill except Absences and Appraisals.
  • Integrations available for several Financial Connectors and e-invoicing solutions

PlanMill CRM

Start small and grow later to full ERP

  • Includes only company and contact register and campaigns for marketing and basic follow up of sales pipeline with opportunities.
  • Suits small Start up companies which have only a little of actual sales yet, but just a huge need to manage prospects and contact them with campaigns
  • Doesn’t contain any information about projects or time reporting or invoicing


Perfect for project and time tracking, for invoicing get ERP

  • Just for task management, scheduling, time and expense reporting
  • Can be used together with PlanMill Absence
  • Doesn’t include invoicing
  • Includes only basic company and contact register, no sales or marketing functions

Good for companies with focus on internal research and development or other internal or public sector funded projects.