Which integrations are available?

Users can for example export data to Excel. It is also possible for users to import some of their own data. Add-ons for importing and exporting data: PlanMill offers a lot of interfaces for transferring data. Depending on user’s system and needs, e.g. customers, projects, products, invoices, accounting information, reported hours and absences. There’s available interfaces […]

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Which interfaces PlanMill offers for customized integrations?

PlanMill Open API is a REST interface, which allows to create, change, delete or get data between PlanMill and another system. Using REST requires programming skills from customer or from third party. Details can be seen here. Files can be exported from PlanMill as e.g. CSV or XML files, for a backup or to another system. […]

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Cloud or on-premise installation?

PlanMill Cloud — Our IT environment PlanMill Cloud customers receive all the benefits of hosted applications including regular upgrades and maintenance with the added flexibility to migrate from a hosted service to an On-Premise solution any time. With PlanMill Cloud, we can get you up and running very quickly. PlanMill On-Premise — Your IT environment For customers […]

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