Continuous business process made easy with PlanMill Finance Connector for eFina

Synchronized routine management and paperless accounting save costs

Continuous business process made easy with PlanMill Finance Connector for eFina
Total customer and project profitability analysis in the entire project lifecycle

Many companies struggle with key processes, including service practices. PlanMill PSA and ERP SaaS with eFina help companies during all stages of the project.

PlanMill Ltd. together with Administer Ltd. launches PlanMill Finance Connector for eFina solution, a new real-time connector integrated with Administer’s eFina system. This scalable and affordable total management solution is uniquely designed for service business and related small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

“Together with our key partner Administer Ltd., we have simplified the continuous chain of actions and created the vital links to the financial management of billings and accounting,” said Thomas Hood, CEO, PlanMill Ltd. “This fresh approach for an integrated solution allows management and project managers a firm control and dynamic handling of the whole project cycle.”

Using the financial connector for eFina, all customer information, account receivables and general ledger-related information is automatically available at eFina. Purchase invoices received by eFina can then be transferred to relevant PlanMill projects, if needed. Companies that already enjoy this seamless add-on include GIA (Global Intelligence Alliance Group Oy) and Edimaster.

In Finland, Administer is a leading electronic financial accounting company and a ground-breaking operator in reshaping accounting routines and management, serving SMEs and publicly listed companies.

“Our service includes the outsourcing of our customers’ entire financial accounting or parts of it, consulting services and the tasks of an outsourced financial controller. Purchase and sales invoices can be written, accepted and stored electronically,” said Kimmo Herranen, Sales and Marketing Director from Administer. “This can be integrated to various other systems including PSA, CRM and ERP. Furthermore, this solution allows seamless integration of E-Invoices.”

Herranen commended the joint efforts with PlanMill for its unique competitive advantage. “This continuous approach enables companies to achieve better control and transparency throughout their entire service business

Administer Ltd. is a strongly growing accounting agency providing electronic financial accounting services in Finland. They are a certified member of the Association of Finnish Accounting Firms and a pioneer in online financial accounting. Administer offers its customers an advanced service package that is based on web-based financial accounting system – eFina. Administer currently has 50 employees and has operations in Helsinki and Tampere (Finland). See