Com-IQ replaces its old systems with PlanMill PSA SaaS

Com-IQ Ltd offers new age software testing in support of key business processes.

Com-IQ replaces its old systems with PlanMill PSA SaaS
The real-time service (SaaS) will provide for all Com-IQ's operations in various locations in Finland.

Software testing company Com-IQ Ltd chose web-based PSA solution (Professional Services Automation) from PlanMill to support its growing business needs.

With the new PSA solution Com-IQ enhances its processes involving customer relations, control of personnel, projects and also key financial processes, like billing.

Com-IQ’s managing director Antti Öfversten saw that the company was in urgent need to find a system that will provide them support in different client locations and can grow as their own business needs develop.

– We wanted to find a unifying system to use and also allow our staff to work from various locations, says Öfversten who prides of their own business operations flexible and able to act fast in order to support their clients’ needs in software testing.

Com-IQ wanted to ensure that the chosen PSA solution will allow them to grow further and provide their clients the most efficient operational support possible.

– For us the system flexibility and ability to add features with our needs was vital. I trust that PlanMill PSA will support us also in the coming years and even with the changes to come in the future, states Antti Öfversten of their decision.

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