Changes in PlanMill API 1.5 in Jan – March 2016

This is a summary of upcoming and recent changes to our REST API 1.5 which is useful for connecting your own applications to PlanMill data.

If you are not familiar with our API or you don’t have access to it, please read this introduction first. Building also your own API? Remember to also sign up for the API Stack Conference in Helsinki April 12th, 2016!

Upcoming changes in 03-04/2016

  • Authentication will start supporting standard OAuth2/OpenId Connect authentication by end of March. You can start planning your client implementation by checking the generic information and language specific libraries here The existing HMAC based authentication headers will continue to work.
  • Zapier integration coming soon (first invite only-basis). First actions and triggers available will be contacts, accounts, campaigns and time reports related. Contact us  if you are interested in Zapier integration and tell us more about your needs.

Changes in March 16th, 2016 release 

  • API documentation improved: authentication information more specific, meta -endpoints highlighted more so users get more knowledge of available filters and columns and effortunit-formatted fields explained to be minutes.
  • /invoices and /expenses endpoints (GET) added. Generating invoices and creating and updating expenses will come later this year (not commonly used and depend on other changes in the system).
  • Export -endpoint deprecated, see Accept -header support in /reports -endpoint for PDF, XSL and CSV formats
  • Fixes to date  -filters in /reports -endpoint, dates over 12th of the month are not processed correctly.

January, 2016

  • All endpoints have their own meta endpoints so you can get information about all filters and fields used by each endpoint as well as information on key – value pairs.
  • New endpoints: /purchases, /teams/id/unitcosts, /users/id/unitcosts
  • Improved endpoints: /users/id/reportableassignments
  • Fixes to GET-calls: datatype formats and filters. There might be more cases despite our best efforts, please inform us if you find some.
  • /projects/projectId/tasks API endpoint has been split into 3 separate endpoints to fix the problem: /projects/projectId/tasks only lists tasks for a project, /projects/projectId/milestones only lists milestones for a project, /projects/projectId/requests only lists requests for a project
  • Also the /tasks/id -endpoint has been resurrected and put back into documentation. Note that it only supports single tasks. URL parameter ?project=projectId is mandatory for this endpoint.