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7 Benefits of Time Tracking

For many businesses, large and small, the most difficult thing to do is keep track of employee time. When every minute has real value, tracking employee hours can have a major impact on your business. Time tracking softwares are well worth the money because they can track all team activity. Business owners who use this […]

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Introducing PlanMill Invoice Connector for Fortnox

We are pleased to introduce our new add-on solution PlanMill Invoice Connector for Fortnox, which seamlessly transfers invoices from PlanMill ERP into your Fortnox financial system. This solution allows you to integrate your PlanMill ERP with Fortnox and combine the best of both. PlanMill ERP offers effective cloud-based management of business processes. Fortnox provides the […]

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Benefits of subscription-based model

A subscription-based business model provides a predictable revenue stream, retains customers, and simplifies business processes. Many businesses collect monthly or annual up-front fees from their customers for work that has yet to be performed. As this subscription model has been incorporated into more businesses and especially with SaaS (Software as a Service) offerings, it has […]

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How to calculate utilization in service business

Calculating employee utilization provides exact information on billing efficiency and productivity of your company. It helps you make better staffing decisions and drive profitability. First of all, we need to provide the key definitions that are used when calculating and discussing the concept of utilization: Total available hours Total available hours simply means standard number […]

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The utilization basics in service business

Whether you’re running a consulting company or a software firm, utilization is an important performance indicator for all professional service businesses. Therefore understanding its basics is of the essence. Why utilization is important? The importance of utilization is highlighted in service business, because they sell the time and resource capacity of their people. Every service […]

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Choosing the right billing model for your service business

Many businesses collect monthly up-front fees from their customers – for work that has yet to be performed. This subscription strategy is valuable both for the company and the customer. It enables customers to access the skills and experience of that certain worker or services on demand. While for the company it creates a steady […]

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