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Mitkä toistuvaislaskutusmallit sopivat sinulle?

Useat yritykset veloittavat asiakkailtaan etukäteen palvelumaksuja. Tämä toistuvaislaskutus on toiminto, jonka avulla luodaan automaattisesti vakiomuotoisia laskuja. Laskutusmalli on laajasti markkinoilla käytössä. Se helpottaa yrittäjän arkea, varsinkin jos laskutettavana on liittymiä, kestotilauksia, kuntosalimaksuja tai muuta kuukausittain tapahtuvaa laskutusta. Erityisesti SaaS-pilvipalvelut ja palveluliiketoiminnan yritykset käyttävät toistuvaislaskutusta. Tämä liiketoimintamalli on hyödyllinen sekä yritykselle että asiakkaalle. Ensinnäkin se tarjoaa […]

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Meet our people – this is Viji

Viji works as a Senior Full Stack Developer at PlanMill. She is an Indian-born and was educated at Manonmaniam Sundaranar University (Masters in Computer Applications). What are you working on now, Viji? At the moment, I’m working on features for CRM and HRM modules. Everyday I work as a part of a development team adopting […]

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Meet our people – this is Tinbit

Tinbit works as a Software Engineer at PlanMill. She is an Ethiopian-born and was educated at Vaasa University of Applied Sciences (Bachelor of Engineering). What are you working at now? Currently, I‘m working on RESTful APIs improving testing and writing documentation. This position requires a problem solving mindset and a good understanding of API design. […]

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Digitalize your absence management with PlanMill Absence

With PlanMill Absence, you can effectively digitalize and manage your company’s annual holidays and absences. Thus, it helps you eliminate unnecessary paperwork and reduce hours spent on managing absences. What is PlanMill Absence? PlanMill Absence is an automated, browser-based, and easy to use solution that helps your company keep track of absences and employees holidays. […]

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7 things to consider when choosing time tracking software

The market offers a wide range of time tracking softwares to help companies monitor employees time on specific tasks. Finding the right software can be daunting. Here are some of the most important things you should ask yourself when selecting the right time tracking software for your organization. 1. Can I track billable and non-billable […]

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Security tips for small businesses

Security for small businesses should not be taken lightly. If there is no effective protection from possible security breaches the consequences can be devastating. Businesses cannot exist without digital connectivity. But everytime you open a digital window, you run the risk of undesirable outcomes. Hackers can steal data which can damage company brand and your […]

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