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Choosing the right billing model for service business

Many businesses collect monthly up-front fees from their customers – for work that has yet to be performed. This subscription strategy is valuable both for the company and the customer. It enables customers to access the skills and experience of that certain worker or services on demand. While for the company it creates a steady […]

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4 ways to save time and money with PlanMill

Here are some reasons PlanMill will save your business time and money. Reduced costs PlanMill as a professional business solution reduces IT costs because large capital investments can be minimized in favour of small monthly payments. With easy management of your processes in one system there is no need for a large IT department to […]

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Reasons to invest in Sales Force Automation (SFA)

Sales Force Automation (SFA) software can help businesses make more revenue with less work. By streamlining the sales processes, it allows company owners to focus on growing their business. SFA for getting an edge above the competitors Today’s competitive business world, sales function of any company is one of the most important business functions. Many […]

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Understanding the ecosystem of SaaS

When the SaaS vendor attracts a set of partners and service providers that work directly with the key company, then this foundation becomes the anchor for a rich partner ecosystem that benefit all parties. How? Whether the ecosystem of SaaS is born native, before or after SaaS, this key company attracts third party vendors, evangelists, […]

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7 things to consider when choosing time tracking software

The market offers a wide range of time tracking softwares to help companies monitor employees time on specific tasks. Finding the right software can be daunting. Here are some of the most important things you should ask yourself when selecting the right time tracking software for your organization. 1. Can I track billable and non-billable […]

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Security tips for small businesses

Security for small businesses should not be taken lightly. If there is no effective protection from possible security breaches the consequences can be devastating. Businesses cannot exist without digital connectivity. But everytime you open a digital window, you run the risk of undesirable outcomes. Hackers can steal data which can damage company brand and your […]

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