PlanMill E-invoice automates all of a company’s invoicing

Online invoicing enhances your company's invoicing process by speeding up the payment schedule and by improving customer satisfaction.

PlanMill E-invoice automates all of a company’s invoicing
Created in collaboration with software company Basware Plc, PlanMill E-invoice is available immediately and can be implemented quickly.

Finnish company PlanMill Ltd launches PlanMill E-invoice, an online invoicing solution that efficiently enables the automation of the entire invoicing process within a company.

This cost-effective tool (Finvoice format) especially aimed at small and medium-sized companies, is seamlessly integrated into PlanMill’s ‘software as a service’ (SaaS) ERP product, enabling significant savings in both time and money.

The service model developed jointly by PlanMill and Basware (Maventa is also supported as service provider) enhances a company’s invoicing procedures and minimises the time spent on invoicing. Invoices are created automatically in PlanMill from operative information that is updated daily. The push of a button in PlanMill simultaneously creates the invoice from this information and transfers the invoice directly both to the client as an online invoice. Invoices can also be transfered to the sending company’s bookkeeping system either as Finvoices or in system specific format using our Financial connectors.

‘Online invoicing enhances your company’s invoicing process by speeding up the payment schedule and by improving customer satisfaction. In addition, sending online invoices decreases manual work, as the invoices are received directly in the customer’s invoice processing system. Unnecessary printing and mailing functions can be avoided, and the environment is preserved,’ Thomas Hood, PlanMill’s CEO, describes the benefits created by the system.

‘This is the breakthrough year for online invoicing. We have seen how large organisations are demanding online invoices from their suppliers. Our co-operation with PlanMill also provides PlanMill’s customers with a flexible transition to electronic invoicing,’ says Timo Aarvala, Director at Basware Plc.

Companies are battling their invoicing systems

According to a survey by Basware Plc, more than half of organisations feel that the greatest obstacle to online invoicing becoming more common is uncertainty about which clients are capable of receiving electronic invoices. For 39% of companies, the biggest challenge is created by the current invoicing system not supporting sending of online invoices. The open answers submitted in the survey suggest that haste and lack of resources also affect the finance departments and slow down the implementation of online invoicing.

With the help of PlanMill’s e-invoice service, both the sender and the recipient of an invoice can completely automate their invoice processing. The service processes the invoice in electronic format (Finvoice) and transfers it to the invoice processing system or to a printing service, according to the receiver’s choice.

PlanMill E-invoice is a monitored service which ensures that the online invoices are delivered quickly and securely to the customers through a single interface. An online invoice can contain images and attachments, similar to conventional invoice printed on paper.

Benefits of PlanMill E-invoice:

  • Rapid transfer of invoices
  • Faster payment turnaround
  • No costs for printing and mailing
  • Improved customer service
  • Less manual work
  • The possibility for electronic filing
  • Ability to process all invoicing electronically with the printing service
  • Creation of competitive advantage

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