Arcusys streamlines its project business with the PlanMill On-Demand PSA solution

Arcusys Oy is an information systems provider located in Eastern Finland

Arcusys streamlines its project business with the PlanMill On-Demand PSA solution
PlanMill PSA solution supports speeding up the business in a networked business environment.

Provider of user-friendly project business solutions that support real-time operation, PlanMill Ltd has delivered to Arcusys Oy a fully browser-based On-Demand PSA (Professional Services Automation) solution that covers the entire personnel and the partners.

The new integrated PSA solution replaces previously used separate time tracking and monitoring systems based on Microsoft Excel and complements the current project management process.

With the real-time PSA system, Arcusys streamlines its processes related to planning, monitoring and management of operative project business, worktime management of the project teams, invoicing, development of customer relationships, and reporting.

According to the CEO of Arcusys, Jussi Hurskainen, the company was looking for a user-friendly, centralized, scalable and cost-effective system for managing both its customer relationships and its demanding development, consulting and delivery projects. At the same time, the company wanted to make sure that the selected PSA system would be able to fulfill the increasing requirements of a networked business environment also in the future.

The integrated, real-time PSA solution of PlanMill stood out among the alternatives due to its openness (100% Java & XML), modular nature, and user-friendly, browser-based approach. The decision was also supported by PlanMill’s flexible and cost-effective implementation model, says Jussi Hurskainen.

– The cooperation with Arcusys further strengthens PlanMill’s position as a provider that has 100 percent focus on innovative professional service and project business solutions. Among the organizations producing software and professional services in the ICT field, we are one of the leading providers of PSA solutions in Finland, says Thomas Hood, the CEO of PlanMill Ltd.


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