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PlanMill Open API

PlanMill Open APIEasily enable information flow between business applications and PlanMill!   


Type: PlanMill Add-on (FREE). Related to PlanMill CRM, PROJECT, PSA & ERP

PlanMill now offers application developers and customers open API (application programming interface) to enable information exchange between various business applications and PlanMill (R12.1 or higher). PlanMill customers who wish to use the interface should contact PlanMill support. Application Developers are offered an up-to-date documentation of the information content (modules, fields, lists of values).


The interface is published with some restrictions on other parties interested in developing PlanMill-compatible interfaces. There may be additional fees for consulting services. 


PlanMill Open API provides access to the most common activities with database queries (select, insert, update). Each PlanMill SaaS instance uses different address for the interface. Interface is by default turned off. Interface requires an encrypted connection and the encryption key.

PlanMill programming interface can be used in REST, RPC or JSON formats. The request may also be made from in different format than the answer will be received. 


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Open API (application programming interface)

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